Buzz Drinking Game
Buzz Drinking Game

This game should be easy for most, even easier for those who know basic math. I actually suggest this game after some level of inebriation because if played by a bunch of sober people it may be too easy and boring.

It is essentially a counting game. Each person takes turns counting by calling a number in ascending order. For example, the first person says “one,” the next person then says “two” etc. The game continues for as long as possible however whenever the counter reaches a number divisible by 7, the player must say “buzz” instead of “seven.” (To make the game a little more complex, you can use a prime number instead of 7. Clicking the link takes you to site that has all prime numbers up to 1000) If the player does not say “buzz,” he must take a drink or shot or whatever. If someone says “buzz” for the wrong number, he must also take a drink. Keep reading for a tip on how to make the game even more interesting.

NB. to make the game a bit more interesting, incorporate more sounds, such as a “moo” or a meow or dog bark; anything you please. I suggest for each multiple of seven to use a different animal sound and if someone messes up or can’t think of an animal sound thereby messing up the flow, they have a to take a drink. This should make the game a bit harder and more interesting. I also suggest a moderator to keep track of numbers especially if using prime numbers instead of 7


  1. I was in U.S. Navy squadron, VS-22, from 1964 to 1966. This was located in Quonset Point, Rhode Island. We played this game with beer in the enlisted men’s club. When the number 7 was reached, that person said buzz and the direction of counting reversed. Only the person that made a mistake had to chug his beer. He now said 1 and the game continued. The numbers 11, 22, 33, etc. had no significance. We sometimes reached the seventies and everyone listened carefully. After a while we now said bizz on 5s along with the 7 buzzes. We rarely got to the fifties. After a while we now said bang on 3s. We rarely got to the thirties. So it went 1, 2, bang, 4, biz, bang, bang, buzz, 8, bang, bang, bang, bizz,bizz, 11, etc. The direction changed, remember.The pitchers of beer went very quickly!