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Random Drinking Games

Drinking games that are dependent on luck or chance. These games use unpredictable elements such as coins or dice

Kings Drinking Game

Kings Drinking Game Instructions

The kings drinking game is definitely one of the best drinking games for large groups. Rules differ as there are several variations to the...
Sixes Drinking Game


For this drinking game you will need six cups and a die. Start line lining the cups and numbering them 1 through 6. Each...
Russian Roulette Drinking Game

Russian Roulette Drinking Game

As you may already know Russian Roulette is a game of chance played by the fearless. The Russian Roulette drinking game, however, won't result...
Strip Drinking Game

Strip Tease

Here we have another slightly risque and daring drinking game; this game is not for the inhibited. To play strip tease you will need...
Flip, Sip or Strip Drinking Game

Flip, Sip or Strip!

This game is extremely simple and best played with a group of three to six people, flip a coin and call heads or tails....
Sex Master

Sex Master

The Sex Master drinking gameĀ requires 2 dice and 'down for anything' players. The game is a little risque but if you like that, by...