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Verbal Games

Drinking games that involve some level of verbal interaction or speech such as word games

Fuzzy Duck Drinking Game

Fuzzy Duck Drinking Game

The Fuzzy Duck Drinking game is a verbal drinking game that requires alertness which will gradually fade as the players continue to drink. Sitting in...
Buzz Drinking Game


This game should be easy for most, even easier for those who know basic math. I actually suggest this game after some level of...
Get to Know You Drinking Game

Fast Questions Drinking Game

The Fast Questions drinking game is another simple one that's great for players to get to know each other without too much detail. The...
The Name Game Drinking Game

The Name Game

The Name Game drinking game is simple in theory (easy rules) but a lot more difficult than it might seem, especially after a couple...
Never Have I Ever Drinking Game for Two

Never Have I..

This is a fairly popular drinking game and never fails to lighten the mood. Its based around questions and getting to know those around...