Circle of Death Drinking Game with Cards

Circle of Death Drinking Game
Circle of Death Drinking Game

Circle of death, also known as the ring of fire, is a drinking card game popular among party lover of all ages. With the basic principles similar to that of Kings and Waterfall, it has a different set of rules when it comes to what each card stands for.

Circle of Death (Ring of Fire) Rules: How to Play the Drinking Game

You can play it with any number of players, whether there are just two of you, or you have a roomful of friends over for a party, ring of fire will keep everyone occupied for a few hours of fun. However, the higher the number of players, the more exciting it becomes.

Setting Up the Ring of Fire

You will need a deck of cards and lots of beer. You can play it with other alcohol drinks too, but it is preferable to get something light, so no one gets too drunk too soon.

Place an unopened can of beer at the center of the table and arrange the whole deck of cards (including the Joker) around it. It would be more appropriate to use a circular table for the ‘ring of fire’. Get all your players to gather around the table, and get ready to play. Make sure everyone has a drink. Now, here are the instructions for the tasks associated with each card:

Meaning of the Cards

Twos: Stand for ‘You’ – The player who draws this card randomly points at a player and the chosen player has to take a drink.

Threes: Stand for ‘Me’ – The player picking the card has to drink straight for 10 seconds.

Fours: ‘To the whores’ – All the girls playing must take a drink. In case it’s a guys-only game, a four can stand for ‘floor’, and all players must get down to touch the floor as soon as the card is drawn. The one slowest to move to the floor takes a drink.

Fives: Stand for ‘Jive’ – All the players has to do a dance move (or some other similar action like jumping onto a chair) as soon as the card is drawn. The last one to do so takes a swig of their drink.

Sixes: Thumb Master – the player who picks this card becomes the thumb master, and everyone has to press their thumb on the table whenever he/she does. This rule applies any time in the game until another six is drawn and there is a new thumb master.

Sevens: Stand for ‘Heaven’ – Every player must point to the sky and say the word ‘heaven’ as soon as the card is drawn. The person who pulls the card can do this anytime in the game, and the others must follow until another person draws a seven; then the others have to follow the new ‘heaven master.’

Eights: Stand for ‘Straight’ – The cardholder has to drink a shot straight. Another variation requires the player sitting opposite to the cardholder to drink the shot.

Nines: Stand for ‘Rhyme’ – The player who pulls the card says a word and the player sitting next to them has to follow it up with another word that rhymes with the first. All the players have to say one word rhyming with the original word. The one who fails to think of a word, or repeats a word that has already been said has to take a drink.

Tens: Categories – The cardholder picks a category, and everyone else (in a clockwise manner) must say a new one. The categories may be picked at random (e.g. cars, movies, travel, etc.) or something specific within a wider category (e.g. sports, football, tennis, etc.).

Jacks: Jack is back – When a Jack is drawn, the person who drank last takes another drink.

Queens: Question Master – The person drawing the card becomes the question master and they will ask a question to any player they want to. The other player has to return another question in reply. If the second player responds with an answer to the question asked by the cardholder, they must take a swig of their beer.

Kings: King’s Drink – The player to pull a King must finish the unopened can at the center of the table. It may then be replaced by another fresh can, waiting for the next player who pulls another King.

Aces: Stand for ‘Race’ – When a player draws an Ace, they must choose another person at the table and race him/her to a drink. Both the players have to finish their can or cup.

Joker: The Dare Card – The person holding the Joker card can pick a player and dare them to do something. If the second player goes through with the task, the darer has to finish a whole can of beer and if they fail, they have to take a drink.

Make sure not give too difficult a task during a dare as the game gets ruined if the job is too difficult to go through with. Play safe and have fun.