Crazy Eight

Crazy Eight Drinking Game
Crazy Eight Drinking Game

For crazy eight, you will need a deck of cards and plenty of drinks. Any number of players can play. Start by lining out all the 8’s in the deck in a straight line (vertical or horizontal). The rest of the deck is then distributed evenly to the players in the game. Going in a clockwise direction starting with the dealer, the aim of the game is to connect cards of the same suites in order from 2 to A.

For example, after the 8’s are laid out, if the dealer has a 9 or 7 of spades, he may connect his card to the 8 of spades. Let’s say he plays the 7 of spades. It is now the next person’s time to play. This person may either play on one of the 8’s or on the 7 of spades that was just played. So if he has a 6 of spades and a 9 of hearts, he has two options, completely up to him where he wants to play.

If a player cannot find a card to play in crazy eight, he/she must take a drink or shot or whatever stipulated alcoholic consumption was agreed upon for the game.