Fast Questions Drinking Game

Get to Know You Drinking Game
Drinking Game

The Fast Questions drinking game is another simple one that’s great for players to get to know each other without too much detail. The basic idea is rapid fire questions. It starts with one person calls out to another player and asks a yes or no question.

The person questioned must answer fairly quickly, I say 2 to 4 seconds is a good time limit to use but it’s up to you to decide. If anything but a yes or no answer is given, or if there is hesitation, the person receiving the question must take a drink. After answering the question, the same player must immediately fire a question at someone else; the game can go in order or randomly. It’s more fun randomly because nobody knows who will be asked a question next and its great to catch people off guard. The question must also be unique in that it must not have been asked in the game before.

If a question is repeated, the questioner must instead take a drink and the person who was asked is not obligated to answer but instead proceed with his own question. The game then continues forever lol; unlimited knowledge about those around you.

It should be noted that to preserve the integrity of the game, questions and answers must be quick . Therefore, any hesitation, laughing ¬†etc before answering or asking a question is punishable by a taking a “drink.” What constitutes a drink is up to you.