Kings Drinking Game Instructions

Kings Drinking Game
Kings Drinking Game

The kings drinking game is definitely one of the best drinking games for large groups. Rules differ as there are several variations to the game but the rules I will be outlining are Classic Rules and the most known and used.

To plays the kings drinking game, start out by placing a large empty cup in the middle of the playing surface. Next, spread a deck of cards face down. Click here or scroll to the bottom to see what I mean. Over the course of the game, each player will take turns drawing one card which corresponds to an action he, someone else or everyone must complete. The corresponding action to each card is outlined below:

  • Ace [Waterfall]: starting with the person who drew the card, each person must start drinking but only after the person to their right has started drinking. Everyone continues drinking until the person to their right stops.
  • 2 [Choose]: the person who draws the card chooses anyone in the game to take a drink. n.b. players can agree on a time limit for a drink at the start of the game.
  • 3 [Me]: the person who draws this card must take a drink
  • 4 [Floor]: everyone must touch the floor immediately. The last person to touch the floor must take a drink. (note: all these rules, especially ones like these, should be known at the start of the game so when the card is pulled, everyone does it automatically so anyone who forget gets caught. When you draw the card, you shouldn’t be explaining what should be done).
  • 5 [Guys]: all guys in the game must take a drink.
  • 6 [Girls]: all girls in the game must take a drink.
  • 7 [Heaven]: everyone in the game must point to the heavens immediately. The last person to do so has to take a drink.
  • 8 [Mate]: this is like choosing a drinking buddy. The person who draws this card choosing someone to take a drink every time he does. If the drinking buddy forgets to take a drink, he must then take two; the drink he owes and a penalty. These two remain drinking buddies until another 8 is drawn.
  • 9 [Rhyme]: pick a word. The person to the right must say a word that rhymes with the word chosen and this continues to the right/clockwise until someone cannot find a word and therefore has to drink.
  • 10[Never have I Ever]: Everyone holds 3 fingers up in the air. The person who drew the card then says “Never have I ever..” or “I have never..” then says something they have never done. Everyone in the game who has done said thing must lower a finger. The person to the right then says something they have never done and the same result prevails. The first person or persons to have no remaining fingers must take a drink. Rules for the full version of Never Have I Ever
  • Jack [Rule]: the person who draws this card can make up any rules for the duration of the game. The rule must apply to everyone and anyone who breaks, even he who made the rule, must take a drink. The only way to end this rule is if someone else draws a Jack and uses his turn to cancel the previous rule.
  • Queen [Questions]: Two ways to do this part. It’s completely up to you. 1) The person who draws this card may ask anyone any question for duration of the game or until someone else draws a queen and then becomes the new questioner. If a player is asked a question and doesn’t answer, he must take a drink. 2) Going in a clockwise direction, everyone asks the next person a quick question. The trend breaks when whoever cannot think up a question or answer must drink.
  • King [King’s Cup]: Where the kings drinking game gets its name — the person who draws this card must pour some of their drink into the cup in the middle. This continues for each drawing of a king until the fourth king is drawn where this player must drink the mix that awaits in the king’s cup.

Below is a video showing a slight variation of the kings drinking game.

kings drinking game set up picture below:

kings drinking game
kings drinking game