Never Have I Ever (For Two People)

Never Have I Ever Drinking Game for Two
Never Have I Ever

This is a game that is typically played by larger groups but we’ve adjusted the game so it can be enjoyed by as few as two people. The basis of this game is stating something that you have never done, seen or experience, and if your partner has done it before, he/she must take a drink. Alternate turns after each statement. For example, A and B are playing Never Have I Ever.

A: Never Have I Ever had sex on an airplane

B: **takes a shot**

B taking a shot means that he/she is quite the thrill seeker because they have already done that. Instead of moving immediately to the next turn, in a situation like this, I suggest making conversation out of it and when/if you run out of things to say, you can move on to the next Never Have I Ever item or event. Use your discretion when deciding when to turn a Never Have I into a further discussion and when to just move on to the next turn. I suggest talking between turns because conversation can loosen your partner as opposed to constant drinking which can get messy and end up being counter-productive. Moderation is always key. 😉

Larger groups can also play Never Have I Ever here. Below is an explanation video for the audiovisual learners: