Never Have I..

Never Have I Ever Drinking Game for Two
Never Have I Ever

This is a fairly popular drinking game and never fails to lighten the mood. Its based around questions and getting to know those around you. It can be played with any number of friends and no tools are required beyond alcohol and an interesting past. This version was written for larger groups but click here for Never Have I for two people.
Going in either a clockwise or counter-clockwise direction, your choice, each individual announces a true statement about him/herself in the form “never have I..” or “I have never..” After the statement is declared, everyone who has actually done what was just said must take a drink or shot. If, however, no one has done what was declared, the person who said they had never done must then take a drink.

So for example; John, Mary, Roy and Sarah are sitting at the table and it’s John’s turn and he says “I have never had sex with a monkey.” If (hopefully) nobody takes a drink, meaning none of them has had sex with a money, John must take the shot. If Roy takes a drink or shot, you may need to keep monkeys away from him should he get too drunk.

Remember: friends don’t let friends have sex with monkeys..

The video below shows the game in action. You can choose to use 10 fingers or continue for eternity.


  1. Everyone holds 3 fingers up in the air. The person who drew the card then says “Never have I ever..” or “I have never..” then says something they have never done. Everyone in the game who has done said thing must lower a finger. The person to the right then says something they have never done and the same result prevails. The first person or persons to have no remaining fingers must take a drink. Rules for the full version of Never Have I Ever