Russian Roulette Drinking Game

Russian Roulette Drinking Game
Russian Roulette Drinking Game

As you may already know Russian Roulette is a game of chance played by the fearless. The Russian Roulette drinking game, however, won’t result in death but may result in loosened inhibitions or something a little more messy with shots or beer respectively. I personally prefer to play with shots but russian roulette rules for each are below:

Russian Roulette Drinking Game With Shots

This game is played by getting some white rum or tequila and filling a shot glass with it. There should also be 5 other shot glasses, except they are filled with water. You can also have 2 liquor glasses and 4 with water, split it down the middle or any variation you choose. These six shot glasses should be reordered by someone not in the game while the players have their backs turned. If everyone will be in the game, have one person shuffle with all other players’ backs turned then repeat with another player doing a second shuffle. Two people may also play this game except shuffling will be different in that both players will take turns shuffling before starting the game.

The glasses, now jumbled should be numbered with each player rolling the die, therefore prompting them to drink the glass corresponding to the number rolled. If you don’t have a die, no big deal! Simply have players guess numbers to decide which shot glass they’ll drink from. You can either eliminate the glass that was drank from the game or replace it with another glass of the same product and reshuffle. I suggest also having whoever drank from the liquor filled glasses doing a dare. To up the ante even further, if you have less than six people, I suggest drinking an equal number of glasses at the same time. This means that if, for example, only 3 players are in the game: have each player roll the die or guess twice and then have everyone drink their two glasses at the same time. A video explanation for the game is seen below:

Russian Roulette Drinking Game With Beer

I’m not a fan of the beer version but to each his own. It can be funny for onlookers but definitely not fun if you lose.