Sex Master

Sex Master
Sex Master

The Sex Master drinking game requires 2 dice and ‘down for anything’ players. The game is a little risque but if you like that, by all means proceed! It’s a simple game in that you just roll the dice and whatever number comes up has some task associated with it.
The summary of results of a roll are below:

2- this could possibly be the best roll ever. you can kiss anyone you want and if you they don’t want to kiss you (womp), they must down their drink.. all of it.

3- take a drink.

4- nothing, next person (lame)

5-you can be told to drink by anyone and if anyone wants a drink.. you must get it for them until someone else rolls a 5.

6- you’re the Sex Master (we’ll get to this in a minute)

7- kiss the person to your right while the person to your left drinks. If you are heterosexual and someone of the same sex is to your right, you can either kiss them on the cheek  or kiss the next closest person of the opposite sex in that direction. To avoid a need for this.. a boy-girl-boy-girl order of seating should be used.

8- nothing, next person (again, lame)

9- everyone drinks! 😀

10- nothing, next person (again, lame)

11- same as 7 except in the opposite direction

12- take 12 gulps of whatever you’re drinking

The Sex Master can rearrange who people are sitting next to and can demand players to take off some clothes. No more than one article of clothing can be taken from each person every time around the circle (and you can play with a 2 article maximum for the game). The player must leave these clothes off until he/she becomes the SexMaster.