Strip Tease

Strip Drinking Game
Strip Drinking Game

Here we have another slightly risque and daring drinking game; this game is not for the inhibited. To play strip tease you will need shots, or mixed drinks, and 2 dice. Best played with an even number of males and females; have everyone sit in alternating order by gender i.e. male-female-male-female.

Provided no double is rolled, whenever an even number is rolled, the player must take a shot/drink. Whenever and odd number is rolled, the player must remove an article of clothing.

When the following doubles are rolled, the corresponding rules are:

Double 1- you chose whether you want to strip or take the drink.

Double 2- the person to the right of you must take a drink/shot.

Double 3- nothing, you’re safe for this roll

Double 4- truth or dare anyone in the game

Double 5- put on a piece of clothing you had removed. (if you please)

Double 6- kiss the person to your right.

You can choose when you want to terminate the game. For example, you can terminate the game when someone is all out of clothes or whenever a whole team is out of clothes.