The Name Game

The Name Game Drinking Game
The Name Game Drinking Game

The Name Game drinking game is simple in theory (easy rules) but a lot more difficult than it might seem, especially after a couple drinks. This game can be played by any number of persons and there are two ways to play.

Option 1

The game starts with one person saying the first and last name of a famous individual or someone mutually known by at least most people in the game. The next person then says the first and last name of another famous individual or mutual friend/acquaintance, however, the name must begin with the first letter of the surname of the previous person. For example, person 1 says Al Pacino, person 2 says Pauly Shore, person 3 says Scarlett Johannson etc..

The catch is that the person who is next has a time limit to say a name. A good time limit would be 5 to 10 seconds. If the player cannot come up with a name in time, he/she must take a drink. For hard liquor a shot should be fine but for beers, the player can take a mouthful or drink until a name is thought up.

N.B if the first and last name of a person starts with the same letter, the order is reversed.

Option 2

Instead of using people’s names, we can use animal names instead. With this approach when one person says the name of an animal, the next person should say the name of an animal starting with the last letter of the previous word used. For example, if player 1 says dog, player 2 could say giraffe, player 3 eel etc. One again, if a player cannot mention animal or gives something illegitimate (legitimacy decided by voting), he must take a drink or shot.

To find a winner and to ensure the game doesn’t continue forever, drinks taken could be used as elimination criteria. For example, after 5 (or 10?) shots, a player may be eliminated from the game and the last man standing wins. You may use whatever number of shots or drinks as your elimination criteria. If only two players are playing, you may use best 3 out of 5 to decide the victor.