Waterfall Drinking Game with Cards

Fun Drinking Games
Fun Drinking Games

Yet another simple card game that can add life to any party, and like many other drinking games, the more people you have, the merrier it will be. It’s more fun with the same number of boys and girls, but no problem if your group is unevenly numbered. Think of a new rule to make it more fun that way.

Waterfall Drinking Game Rules: How to Play

It requires at least four people to make this really fun, but you can play with three players as well if you want to. All you need is a deck of cards and plenty of alcohol, preferably beer. You may also introduce shots along with beer in the tasks, but that is entirely up to you and your friends. Make sure to shuffle the cards well before setting up the table.

Instructions for arrangement

Spread out all the cards (face down of course) in a circular shape at the center of the table. Now hand a full can of beer to each of the players before beginning the game. Make sure to explain the task associated with each of the cards to your friends as some of the cards need them to act real fast.

Drawing the Cards

Here is what each of the cards means:

Ace: Stands for ‘Waterfall’ – The player who pulls this card have to start drinking, followed by every other player around the table. The person on his right can stop drinking only when the player who pulled the ace stops. Each player around the table can stop drinking only when the person on their left brings down the can.

Two: Stands for ‘You’ – The player who pulls the card send two drinks to any other person at the table.

Three: Stands for ‘Me’ – He/she who pulls the card takes three large gulps of their drink.

Four: Stands for ‘Floor’ – As soon as the card is pulled, every player must point to the floor and say ‘floor’. The player last to do this takes a drink.

Five: Stands for ‘Dive’ – All the players must dive under the table as fast as they can once the card is pulled. The slowest one has to take a swig of their beer.

Six: Stands for ‘Chicks’ – All the ladies playing the game takes a drink.

Seven: Stands for ‘Take Seven’ – The player who picks this card sends seven drinks to another player. They may choose who they want to send the drinks to and they may divide the drinks among two or more players, but the sum should add up to seven.

Eight: Make a rule – The player drawing this card makes a rule that has to be followed throughout the game or till someone else pulls an eight and makes their own rule. Anyone who fails to follow the rule, including the one who made it, takes a sip of their beer. Time to get creative and make up a rule to make it more fun; it can be anything from forbidding the players to use a certain word or asking everyone to touch their nose whenever a player takes a drink.

Nine: Stands for ‘Rhyme’ – The player who pulls the card says a sentence to another player and the other must answer with something that rhymes with the first sentence. They may choose to continue the conversation and the first person who fails to rhyme a sentence takes a drink.

Ten: Social – All the players take a swig of their drink together.

Jack: Stands for ‘Assholes’ – All the guys playing takes a large swig of their drinks.

Queen: Question card – The player who draws the card picks a player and the two must converse in question form. Everyone has to think really fast and return a question to the other as soon as possible. The player caught taking too long to ask a question in response loses, and takes a drink. Variation may include all the players taking part in asking questions, starting from the one pulling the card.

King: Categories – He who picks the card must think of a category, such as real estate, music or sports, and say it out loud. The person on his right must follow it with another category and so on. The person who says a false category or repeats one that has already been said loses and takes a drink. You know, it’s the same old game of categories.

It’s pretty similar to the drinking game “The Kings”, but with completely different set of rules to make it fun and unique. Go on and have a blast with your buddies. Cheers!